Ans:  No. there are different types of DHA membership which has different fees.

Ans:  Yes.

Ans:  No, only Category 'A' and 'B' DHA members are eligible fir the DHA club membership.

Ans:  Legal heirs are required to obtain DHA membership in category 'C' However if legal heirs are already DHA Members in category 'A' or 'B' the category 'C' is not required.

Ans:  DHA membership in category 'A' and 'B' are valid for life time subject to renewal after every 5 years.

Ans:  The holder of DHA category 'B' membership is eligible for sale/purchase of all type of properties DHA and DHA club memberships.

Ans:  Yes, a minor can obtain DHA membership through his guardian.

Ans:  The member can change his postal and permanent address any time under his own signatures on a prescribed Change of Address proforma.