These are 99 years Leases executed between the MEO, on behalf of the president of Pakistan, the Authority and the allottees/transferees who, so ever obtain these Leases will have the Lease hold rights of the plot with construction thereon for about 99 years, renewable after the expiry of the said period. Lease 'B' is executed in respect of residential plots and Lease 'C' in respect of commercial plots only on completion of the building.


The under-mentioned formalities are required for these Leases.

  1. Covering letter addressed to the Administrator, DHA from Allottee / Transferee requesting Registration of 'B' / 'C' Lease.
  2. National Identity Card (03 Photocopies of applicant and witness should be on one page in same side).
  3. A fresh 'NO DEMAND CERTIFICATE' from Account Branch, DHA (Original).
  4. A fresh 'NO DEMAND CERTIFICATE' C.B.C (House Tax Conservancy Tax and water charges etc. (Original and one photocopy).
  5. Allotment / Transfer Order (Two Photocopies). Duly stamped from Board of Revenue Sindh if applicable.
  6. Sub-Lease 'A' / License (Two Photocopy).
  7. Form 'B' / 'C' Lease three copies. Special Adhesive Stamp (from Central Stamping Office, City Court Karachi) affixed on one copy along-with Photocopy of CHALLAN for Adhesive Stamp and thereafter signatures on all three copies. (Value of stamp may be got checked from Sub Registrar Clifton Town-1 before affixing)
  8. One latest Passport size photograph for pasting on lease documents.(do not paste photograph)
  9. Site Plan issued within last two years; three copies on Ammonia Print (Signed by the owner)
  10. Approved Building Plan along-with Approval letter (Photocopy)
  11. Building Completion Certificate along-with Completion Plan from C.B.C (Two Photostat copies).
  12. Is there any LOAN / MORTGAGE / Lien or any other encumbrance on the property (Get removal of lien mark letter from DHA Transfer & Record Dte).
  13. N.O.C. obtained from BANK / H.B.F.C. (Original and One Photocopy).
  14. Has the area of the plot ever been increased / decreased if increase have you paid all dues including cost as determined by the Authority for the increased area.


  1. Provided there is no observation, Lease documents duly signed by the authorized Officers / Officials of DHA will be taken by the applicants OR their authorized representatives for execution / signatures by MEO, Karachi. They will then deliver it back to DHA Lease Section for registration before Sub-Registrar.
  2. After the execution of 'B' / 'C' Lease by MEO, Karachi, the documents will be ready for registration within 120 days. After expiry of this period the owner can get the documents registered within another 120 days with penalty imposed by Sub Registrar. If it is not registered within the prescribed time it will become time barred and a fresh case will have to be initiated.
  3. Site visit of the property will be conducted by DHA Planning Directorate Field Staff within one week, without which the case will not be processed.
  4. You are required to bring Pay order amount of Rs.200/- in the name of Sub-Registrar-I Clifton Town, Karachi being Registration fee of the document.