Building plan to a scale not less than eight feet to an inch and the scale used shall be indicated on plan which shall include section, elevation and shall inter alia indicate:-

  1. The external dimension of the main building.
  2. The basement, ground floor, upper floor, if any, and the roof.
  3. The position and dimension of all projections beyond the walls of the building.
  4. The position of underground and overhead tanks.
  5. The clear dimensions of all rooms and position of doors, windows and ventilators in each room at every storey.
  6. The material to be used in the foundation, walls, floors and roofs.
  7. The purpose for which it is intended to use the building.
  8. Roof plan showing the location/dimension of over head water tank and stair tower.
  9. The same should also be shown in the elevation.
  10. Contour plan, if the difference in level of plot varies more than 5 ft.
  11. Every building plan submitted shall bear the signature of the licensed architect signifying its having been prepared under his supervision.
  12. Elevation and cross section of boundary wall, gate, ramp and water channel with respect to adjoining road/streets.
  13. The level and width of the foundation and the level of the ground floor with reference to the level of the centre of the street on which the front of the proposed building is to abut.
  14. Building corners on roadside are chamfered properly as prescribed in byelaws.
  15. Detailed structural drawing and calculation, on the basis of soil investigation report prepared by geo tech consultant, are required for residential and commercial projects taller than G+2 height duly prepared and vetted by the licensed structural and vetting engineers respectively on Form 4 as required under these byelaws.
  16. Any other information or document required by the DHA/CBC.
  17. All new works shall be indicated on the site plans and building plans by a distinct colour and key to the colour shall be given thereon as under: -
    1. Proposed work - Red
    2. Existing work - Black
    3. Demolition - Yellow
  18. All site plans and building plans prepared and signed by a registered architect and a registered structural engineer; if engaged as envisaged in Para 6.b. shall be submitted (seven copies, one ferro copy cloth or linen mounted and six ammonia prints and one soft copy).
  19. All drawing for plot measuring up to 1000 sq yds shall be submitted on a sheet of 20 X 30 inches and on sheet 30 X 40 inches for plot over 1000 sq yds.
  20. All title documents relating to the plot showing his right to carry out such works, shall be accompanied with application (two sets) as per checklists.
  21. Area Block Plan of ground and first floor.
  22. Site Plan marked on drawing.


S. No
Simple Application
1 No
Application forms A & B from Cantonment Board Clifton
2 Sets
Photocopy of Allotment / Transfer Order
1 No
Building Plan including one cloth mounted
6+1(7) Nos
Site Plans (Ammonia Print) issued by the Authority (valid for 2 years)
7 Nos
Details of underground, overhead water tank and septic tanks
7 Nos
Photocopy of National Identity Card
2 Nos
Photocopy of Lease A/C
1 No
Undertaking & Form 'C'
1 No
In case of revision a copy of previous approved plan
1 No
One softcopy on CD of Building Plan (AutoCAD Format)
1 No


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