To apply for change of name of female members following are required to be submitted:
1. Opt one of the following options (whichever is applicable):-
    a. Option-1 : In case of Marriage
     b. Option-2 : In case of Divorce
     c.Option-3 : Correction Of Name in CNIC
2. Application / Covering letter.
3. 1 x Photocopy of CNIC duly attested.
4. 1 x Photocopy of Nikah Nama & husband CNIC (In case of Option 1)
5. 1 x Divorce Deed duly attested (In case of Option 2). In case of Option 2 and remarriage of the lady, please also attach Nikah Nama of remarriage.
6. Affidavit on Rs. 20/- on Judicial Stamp Paper attested by Oath Commissioner according to option.
7. 1 x photo copy of CNIC of husband / father, in case change in their name required.
8. Attestation of Affidavits :-
    a. Affidavit executed within Karachi (Pakistan) be got attested by Oath Commissioner/Nazim concerned.
    b. Affidavit executed outside Karachi (within Pakistan) be got attested by 1st class Magistrate/Nazim concerned/Notary Public.
    c. Affidavits executed outside Pakistan be got attested from authorized officer of Pakistan Embassy abroad / Consulate General.

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