DHA is a progressive, enlightened and a leading Housing Authority of the country which provides best recreational, entertainment, sports and civic facilities to its residents in an aesthetically vibrant living environment. The seven exclusive clubs of DHA known by its class are meant to provide respite and recreation to its members and their families. These clubs are epitome of exquisite, ecstatic and exotic centres and a haven for members to relax, refresh and to revive their energies. DHA clubs are not only hub of entertainment, recreation, sports and qualitative catering but also distinguished by ideal amalgamation of modern lifestyle with a traditional mannerism.

There is a dire need to uphold and maintain the standards, reputation and prestige of Defence Authority Clubs by constantly bringing tangible improvements in the environment, maintenance and conduct of club’s working through a proactive, imaginative and innovative approach. The Club’s exquisite culture of courtesy, care and refinement must underline all Club’s activities and undertakings. The galvanizing spirit of all club’s planning and execution affairs must be directed towards manpower, maintenance and members (MMM code) ensuring their optimum utility while meeting the defined requirements of club. The clubs being independent business units must focus on generation of maximum revenue as well to improve their financial health.

DHA Clubs while maintaining polished environment, relaxed ambience, culture of mannerism, sophistication and decorum must also provide the most modern recreational, sports and cuisine facilities to its members. The layout, lighting and tranquility in clubs must be constantly upgraded as per the contemporary trends in vogue. Cherished Hospitality and Personalized Services should remain the motto of all clubs to be implemented in true letter and spirit.

I wish the clubs and their management all the best for future and hope that they will bring a paradigm shift in the culture and running of their clubs.

Brig Shahid Hassan Ali
Administrator DHA