1. Every owner who carries out and completes building works under DHA construction Bylaws shall within 30 days of the completion of the entire work deliver to the DHA at its office in writing on the prescribed Form No. 6 as the case may be of such completion together with a certificate or certificates on the prescribed Form duly signed by the licensed architect, etc., engaged under these regulations together with the certificates as mentioned in Bylaws.
  2. No person shall occupy any such building or use any part affected by the erection or re-erection of such building until thirty days notice of completion is given to the DHA and the permission under these Bylaws has been granted by the DHA / CBC.
  3. After the receipt of the notice of completion DHA shall arranged to inspect such work and after such inspection either approved or disapproved or regularized minor deviations with penalty, at rates approved by the Executive Board from time to time.
  4. After inspection of work, DHA will take the following action:-
    1. Forward the plan to CBC for approval if no violation exists.
    2. Ask the owner to pay prescribed penalty or deviations after which completion will be forwarded to CBC along with a pay order of the penalty amount.
    3. For those violations which cannot be regularized, the completion plan will be returned and the owner will be asked to resubmit after rectification/demolition of unauthorized construction.


S. No
Covering letter for Completion Plan
1 No
Photocopy of National Identity Card
2 Nos
Site Plan issued by the Authority (ammonia print)
2 Nos
Photocopy of 'A', 'B'or 'C' lease
1 Nos
Photocopy of Demarcation Letter
1 No
Copy of approved building plan & approval letter
1 No
Photocopies of NOCs obtained from DHA on different stages of construction
1 Each
NOC for road cutting of electricity, gas & sewerage connection from CBC
1 Each
Completion form to be obtained from Cantonment Board Clifton duly signed by registered architect of CBC
1 No
Completion Plan (one with cloth pasted at the back) duly signed by registered architect of CBC
7 Nos



May be obtained by the owner on following construction stages:-

  1. Residential
    1. Plinth Level
    2. Ground Floor Slab
    3. First Floor Slab
    4. Stair Tower
  2. Commercial
    1. Basement (If constructed)
    2. Plinth Level
    3. Ground Floor Slab
    4. Mezzanine / First Floor Slab
    5. First Floor Slab
    6. Second Floor Slab
    7. Third Floor Slab
    8. Fourth Floor Slab
    9. Stair Tower / Lift Tower