DCK DHA City Projects

DHA City Projects

Residential Projects 

ARY Laguna

This magnificent project of ARY Laguna is first to introduce the concept of Laguna in the housing industry of Pakistan. This nascent idea continues to reshape the real estate landscape of Pakistan. Living in Skyscrapers encircled by turquoise water and the picturesque sandy white beach with adventurous water sporting facilities is an enormously rich experience. The project offers various sizes of living apartments and shopping malls to the general public for becoming part of the prestigious ARY Laguna Community.


DCK Villas

DCK Villas project implements a world-famous civil engineering paradigm of Andalusian architecture. These villas offer a luxurious lifestyle at the prime location of DCK. Thick, wide & stucco walls of artistically designed homes present a striking sight to the viewers. Semi-hilly topography augmented with a well-designed horticulture landscape magnifies the beauty of villas manifolds. Large, medium & small sized villas are a lucrative living opportunity for clientele across the entire social spectrum.


DHA Oasis Karachi

DHA Oasis is an iconic project of DCK with over 200 Andalusian-style farmhouses. This project was launched in 2016. The farmhouses with a luxurious lifestyle, serene environment, resort-like sights, and beautiful architecture are set to redefine the living standards at DCK. Farmhouses of 2000, 2500 & 3000 square yards are available to desirous customers seeking an elite lifestyle.


Town Houses Project

Town Houses project is another recently launched hallmark project. DCK signs an Memorandum of  Understanding (MOU) with leading builders of the metropolis to accelerate the construction ecosystem. This project implements Lotus, Daisy, Blossom & Pine architectural design to deliver 300 Town Houses within the promised timeline.


Health Care Projects 

DOW Hospital and Medical Care Center

The management of DCK is consistently focused on fostering a world-class healthcare ecosystem. The development of modern hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and pharmacies goes at the heart of these efforts. DHA Medical Centre & DOW Hospital are operating healthcare facilities with high end diagnostic testing, preventive care, emergency care, treatment of illnesses, nutritional support, and lab work.


Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital 

Construction of the iconic Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is near its completion. This hallmark project is set to revolutionize the future medical landscape of Sindh province.


Educational Projects

DCK is engaged in developing an educational ecosystem aligned with internationally recognized best standards and practices. Kindergartens to postgraduate-level academic institutions are available with a world-class educational environment.


DHACSS High School

DHA Colleges and school system (DHACSS) has a decades-old presence with rich history and culture. The system is successfully managing a high school facility at the prime location of DCK. High-quality education, economical fee structure, elaborate extracurricular activities, and a highly trained faculty are the defining characteristics of the school.


Roots Millennium School

Roots Millennium School system with nationwide presence and recognition stands at the top pedestal among its kind. This elite School System established its first school at DCK and started operating in April 2022. The School proclaims a technologically aided world-class learning environment for its alumni. Highly trained and certified teacher faculty remains an inspiring factor for those seeking admission to the newly opened school.


DHA Suffa University

DHA Suffa University is delivering high-quality education in the fields of Engineering & Social Sciences for the last decade. University started its campus at DCK in 2020 with Civil Engineering & Computer Science disciplines. Prospectively the DCK University Campus intends to include a wide range of Engineering & Social Science disciplines on its list.


Visitors Center

Visitor Center with its elegant architecture and classy circular shape offers a spectacular sight to the viewers. The beautiful floor plan, glassy facade, and accentuated interior design of the building continue to attract a large number of visitors every day. Highly trained and competent marketing professionals are present 24/7 to conduct briefings and site visits for prestigious guests of DCK


Gateway Café

Gateway Café with a sumptuous menu offers a variety of meals to the guests. The Café is located inside the elegant-looking circular-shaped Visitor Center. Its close proximity to the main gate makes it an ideal stop-over choice for many visitors. Open dining facility with colorful lighting arrangements, breezy weather, and a spectacular view of the super highway further optimizes the visitor’s experience.


Gateway Park

Gateway park is a centralized public park facility with breathtaking cascades of horticulture landscape, shining grassy blades, animal sculptures, and fountains. This park is co-located with the main gate and catches the sight of every passing eye.


DCK Adventure Park

DCK management is highly committed to furnishing an international standard Adventure & Theme Park to the metropolis. The idea aims at providing a thrilling experience through a variety of adventurous sports. Zipline, repelling, hanging cart, archery & paintball sporting sites are under construction and will be available soon at DCK.


Club House Facility

Club House is located in the heart of Sector-1 and provides a platform for optimizing the social interaction experience between residents of farmhouses and DCK management.



Masjid-e-Ali is a grand Mosque of DCK that symbolizes the quintessential spirit of Islam. The square-shaped building combines modern and traditional Islamic architecture in a beautiful manner. The Masjid is built over a large area and can accommodate up to 1,000 Namazis simultaneously


Sector 3 DCK

Sector 3 is the first livable sector of DCK, where families are residing. It has a mosque, hospital, two schools, commercial shops and all the essential amenities. DHA Villas are also situated in this sector. Two major banks viz Allied Bank Limited and Bank Al Habib are already constructing their buildings in sector 3.