In view of the malpractices in the market during sales / purchase of DHA Plots, following guidelines are provided to respective members in order to avoid any malpractice / fraudulent activity:-


  1. Complete payment may be mentioned on Sale proceed / Agreement to Sell.
  2. Do the Agreement for sale/purchase of plot in your presence.
  3. Must check the authenticity of Demand Draft / Pay Order before signing the transfer documents in front of Transfer and Record Officer, DHA Karachi.
  4. Must verify the price offered from the market be finalized in writing before making the deal
  5. Mode of payment and time schedule must be finalized in writing before making the deal.
  6. Service charges/commission of property dealer should be decided prior to the finalization of the deal.
  7. Always make an endeavor to check the market reputation of the dealer.
  8. Seller must carry Original Allotment Letter and CNIC at the date / time of deal.
  9. Must cross the copies of Allotment Letter and CNIC while handing over to the dealer.
  10. During deal put a restriction that you will meet seller / purchaser before transfer process to confirm the amount.


  1. Do not pay / accept price in multiple instruments, pay/accept only through single DD/PO unless specifically required.
  2. Do not give your rights to property dealer for finalization of sale/purchase of plot in any circumstances.
  3. Do not sign any paper / affidavit prepared by the property dealer before reading the documents.
  4. Do not sign the Biana affidavit before finalization of terms/conditions regarding sale/purchase of the plot.
  5. Biana should not be signed by the seller unless it is signed by the purchaser.
  6. Do not give the right to the purchaser for sale of plot on Biana / Affidavit before transfer of plot.
  7. Avoid selling property to the dealer, if possible.
  8. Do not give your exact plot number while getting assessment from the market.
  9. Never give your original "Open certificate File" to anyone except to the "Transfer Officer" at the time of conversion to "Allotment Letter".