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DHA City Karachi Membership (Forms / Instructions & Specimens)
1.   Membership Forms
a. Category 'A' (Overseas)
Cost Rs 300
b. Category 'B' (Overseas)
Cost Rs 500
Category 'A'
Cost Rs 300
d. Category 'B' - (Associate)
Cost Rs 500
e. Category 'B' - (Corporate Bodies)
Cost Rs 500
f. Category 'BS' - (Govt of Sindh)
Cost Rs 500
g. Category 'C' - (Legal Heirs & Hiba)
Cost Rs 200
h. Category 'D'
Cost Rs 500
i. Category 'DS'
Cost Rs 500
j. Category 'E-1' - (Temporary)
Cost Rs 500
k. Category 'E-2' - (Permanent)
Cost Rs 500
l. Category 'KPTS'
Cost Rs 500
m. Category 'S' - (Special)
Cost Rs 500
n. Category 'V' (Company / Corporate - DHA OASIS)
Cost Rs 500
o. Category 'VC' (Legal Heirs & Hiba - DHA OASIS)
Cost Rs 1000
p. Renewal of Membership Download
2. Others  
a. Correction of Name Male
b. Correction of Name Female
c. Change of Address
d. Change of Sign - Serving Officers
e. Change of Sign - Other Than Serving Armed Forces Personnel

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