DCK Ballot for Overseas Pakistanis              Announcement for DHA Residents              Transfer & Record Sub office in Rawalpindi             DHA SUFFA UNIVERSITY, offers admissions to Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, BBA, MBA, BS English, BS International Relations for FALL 2020. Apply now at: http://admissions.dsu.edu.pk/apply. For details, contact the Admissions Office on (021)35244851-52 and 03242444595 Monday to Friday (between 10am to 5pm)


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DHA City Karachi Membership (Forms / Instructions & Specimens)
1.   Membership Forms
Category 'A'
Cost Rs 300
b. Category 'B' - (Associate)
Cost Rs 500
c. Category 'B' - (Corporate Bodies)
Cost Rs 500
d. Category 'BS' - (Govt of Sindh)
Cost Rs 500
e. Category 'C' - (Legal Heirs & Hiba)
Cost Rs 200
f. Category 'D'
Cost Rs 500
g. Category 'DS'
Cost Rs 500
h. Category 'E-1' - (Temporary)
Cost Rs 500
j. Category 'E-2' - (Permanent)
Cost Rs 500
k. Category 'KPTS'
Cost Rs 500
l. Category 'S' - (Special)
Cost Rs 500
m. Category 'V' (Company / Corporate - DHA OASIS)
Cost Rs 500
n. Renewal of Membership Download
2. Others  
a. Correction of Name Male
b. Correction of Name Female
c. Change of Address
d. Change of Sign - Serving Officers
e. Change of Sign - Other Than Serving Armed Forces Personnel

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