Transfer of plot will be carried out in accordance with the islamic law of inheritance for muslim members and respective law of inheritance for other religions.

  1. To apply for transfer to Legal Heirs following documents are required to be submitted: -
    1. The Legal Heirs apply for the transfer by giving an application and Affidavit on Rs. 20/- stamp Paper.
    2. Copy of Death Certificate of deceased duly attested.
    3. Original title document. In case the title document is not available due to loss etc the procedure of issue of CTC will be adopted.
    4. Fingerprints and three specimen signatures of each Legal Heir on plain papers separately (For Female, right hand and For Male, left hand)
    5. Two latest photographs of each Legal Heir duly attested.
    6. 1 x attested photocopy of valid CNIC of each Legal Heir. (For minors, attach Form "B" of NADRA).
    7. 1 x attested photocopy of CNIC/NIC of deceased.
    8. Heirship Certificate duly attested by Justice of Peace/Nazim concerned/1st class Magistrate.
    9. In case of more than one Legal Heirs, a consent letter from all the co-sharers be attached, indicating/mentioning the address on which the correspondence is to be made.
    10. In case of single heir, Female only or Minors only as legal heirs, the following will also be submitted: -
      1. Press publication as per specimen.
      2. Affidavits from two reliable witnesses (deceased's relatives) as per specimen.
  2. Submission of Documents. The completed documents may be submitted to DHA By Post or By Hand through any one of the heirs (for heirs outside Karachi ONLY). For heirs residing in Karachi, documents be submitted PERSONALLY by any one of the heirs.
  3. Once the legal heir documents have been accepted by the DHA Designated officer, please go over to the Accounts Branch (Cash Counter). The accounts branch will make necessary endorsement on the covering letter and then Transfer Documents be deposited at the Reception Counter. A Receipt will be issued by the Reception Counter.


  1. After the requirements given above are met, Defence Housing Authority would scrutinize the papers and hand over /post, draft Press Publication to the Legal heir for necessary publication in newspapers published from Karachi and the city/province of the deceased's residence.
  2. In case of any query/clarification, the senior legal heir or any one of the legal heir may be called for interview in DHA.
  3. After transfer of property in the names of legal heirs, no further transfer will be made within one year from the date of transfer order.
  4. Attestation of Affidavits :
    1. Affidavit executed within Karachi be got attested by Oath Commissioner/Notary Public
    2. Affidavit executed outside Karachi (within Pakistan) be got attested by 1st class Magistrate.
    3. Affidavits executed outside Pakistan be got attested from authorized officer of Pak Embassy abroad / Consulate General.

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