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Inauguration of GPON Project

GPON, or Gigabite Passive Optical Network is the state of the art network being laid out underground in Phase VIII of DHA Karachi. The aim is to avoid the mushroom growth of aerial optical fiber in DHA. ED Estate, Brig (Retd) Amir Rasheed took the initiative of inviting four leading Telecom Companies to execute underground cable network. The companies included PTCL, CyberNet/Storm Fibre, Transworld and Optics to execute the project. GPON project aims to cover 400 km of land to provide underground cable. At the moment the project is focusing on phase VIII, with Zulfiqar and Al-Murtaza Commercial serving as pilot project. Administrator DHA Karachi, Brig Rana Shehzad Shafi inaugurated the GPON project on May 15, 2024.