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Building Plan – DCK



Approval of bldg plan is required for construction of building on plots at DCK. Building plan is submitted in DHA for approval. After scrutiny of case, it is provisionally approved if found in order. There are 2 types/categories of building Plan Approval. In case of new construction, the bldg. Plan is called a Proposed Bldg Plan. In case addition or amendment to exist bldg. is required, same is called Revised Bldg Plan.


  • Case is received at central control cell (CCC) Main reception counter at DHA Head Office.
  • Staff ensure all documents are in order and all dues are paid.
  • Fee of building plan is auto debited to Finance Directorate.
  • Case is forward to building plan section of TP&BC Directorate.
  • If no observation are found during scrutiny by DHA bldg. Plan is provisionally approved for construction.
  • In Case of observation on drawings or documents, drawings are returned to owner re-submit drawings after necessary correction at Central Control Cell (CCC), DHA Head office.
  • Case is again forward to TP&BC Dte.
  • If found in order, approval letter along with drawings are forward to CCC for collection by the owner.
  • CCC intimate the owner and case closed once approved letter and drawing is collected by the owner.
Documents Required / Check List
S.No Document Action
2 Checklist for Building Plan – DCK View
3 Building plan Fee – DCK View