Procedures & Bylaws Completion Plan Approval – DCK

Completion Plan Approval – DCK


Completion Plan

An “As Built Plan" submitted to the PDOHA for the purposes of obtaining approval and occupancy certificate.

Revised Completion Plan

Revised completion plan will be submitted after execution of approved revised building plan.

Procedure Of Completion  – In Case of No Violation

Success Flow
  • Case for completion plan approval is received at Central Control Cell/Main Reception Counter.
  • Case is then forwarded to Town Planning & Building Control Completion Plan Section.
  • Completion Plan Section conducts site survey/visit.
  • No observations are found.
  • File is demanded for scrutiny.
  • Then scrutiny of the case starts.
  • Then minute sheet is initiated for the approval of plan.

Response Letter after Site Visit

During Site Survey/ visit, letter to owner will be issued on following conditions:-

  • Not Permitted by Owner’s Staff/ Housekeeping.
  • No Response by the Inhabitants.
  • Building found Locked.
  • Incomplete Construction (Finishing Work).

Process – In Case of Violation

Alternate Flow
  • Observation are found during site survey.
  • Letter to the owner is sent to remove/rectify the violations OR regularization of violations with payment of penalty.
  • If owner response doesn’t come in the defined days then case is returned un-actioned. (Case halted).
  • If owner response comes in the defined days then case is scheduled for re-visit after removal/ rectification of violations OR the owner will give willingness letter for regularization of violations with penalty.
  • File is demanded by Town Planning & Building Control Directorate for scrutiny of case.
  • The case is initiated on Minute sheet for approval of penalty amount.
  • Penalty letter is issued to the owner for payment.
  • Owner provides copy of payment receipt.
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