Procedures & Bylaws Construction NOCs

Construction NOCs

NOCs for Residential & Commercial Plots

Foundation of Basement Level NOC

  • Basement area verification
  • Verification of height/ depth
  • Verification of underground water tank

Plinth Level NOC

  • Right, Left & Rear Compulsory Open Space
  • Height & area of Basement
  • Underground water tank slab level
  • Earth filling in Compulsory Open Space
  • Extra excavation material dumped in open plots
  • Height of plinth level from road level
  • Right, Left & Rear situ
  • Verification of Boundary pillar check

Ground Floor Level NOC

  • Height of slab level
  • Area of ground floor as per approval
  • Verification of front Compulsory Open Space
  • Ground floor slab projection for commercial buildings
  • Duct area as per approval

First Floor of Subsequent Level NOC

  • Height & area as per approval
  • Height & area and measurement of ducts as per approval

Stair Tower NOC

  • Area of stair tower as per approval
  • Fire fighting system
  • Main gate bottom & ramp
  • Flooring works
  • Guard room verification
  • Boundary wall height
  • External faced for comm. Buildings
  • Parapet wall height
  • Removal of debris/ cleaning of site


  • NOC visit & issuing of NOC within 15 working days.
  • Visit conducted 6 to 7 working days.
  • Computerized NOC issued to owner within 03 days

Documents Required / Check List

Requirement for Stage wise NOCs (Visit Required)
  • Application from owner
  • Copy of demarcation letter
  • Copy of approved Building plan (Copy of approved Deviation letter & Drawing if issued)
  • Registered structure Engineer/Architect Certificate
  • CBC time extension letter (if required)
  • Previous level NOC if obtained
Requirement for Stage wise NOCs (No Visit Required)
  • Original NOCs Slip
  • Original Demarcation Letter (only for Foundation of Basement & Plinth Level NOC)
  • Photocopy of demarcation letter
  • Registered structure Engineer/Architect Certificate
  • Copy of approved Deviation letter (if required)
  • CBC time extension letter (if required)