Site Plan


Document that provides following vital information:-

  • Geometry and location of plot.
  • Status of the plot i.e Residential/Commercial/Amenity.
  • Ownership data


  • Document is required for following details by the owner:-
    • Dimensions of the property
    • Orientation and location of the property
    • Area the property with respect of Allotment/ Transfer/ Mutation/ Division/Amalgamation orders.
    • Req by seller and buyer for acquisition of property.
    • Req by architect for designing of building plan.
    • Show validity note for best of the owner and Authority.
  • Site Plan is further required for following transactions:-
    • A, B, C Lease.
    • Demarcation Letter
    • Mutation/Division/Amalgamation
    • Allotment of Extra Land

Note:- Site Plan is fundamental document in all property/ documents/ transactions.

Documents Required / Check List

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