Procedures & Bylaws Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal

Members of DHA City Karachi are required to update their membership record on occurrence of
changes, like change of address, updation of family record, change of signatures, change of name,
CNIC and change in facial appearance by providing latest photographs. The membership is allotted for a period of five years, thereafter, re-newal is required for next five years.

Members of DCK who were allotted membership with effect from 1st Jan 2010 are informed that
their membership is expiring on 31 Dec 2014, therefore, they are required to get their membership renewed as soon as possible. The effective date shall be the date of membership.


Document required for renewal membership

  • Renewal Membership form duly filled.
  • Two latest passport size photographs of member duly attested.
  • Two copies of the National Identity Card of member duly attested.
  • 1x passport size latest photograph of each living family member and photocopy of CNIC duly attested (Over 18 years of age).
  • 1x CNIC/NICOP/POC/Passport of each living family member and photocopy duly attested (Over 18 years of age).
  • 1x copy of form ‘B’ (NADRA) / Passport copy of individuals (under 18 years of age) duly attested.
  • Death certificate of deceased person
  • Marriage certificate/Nikkah Nama in case of new married along with affidavit.
  • Divorce certificate along with affidavit.
  • Present postal address (if change in address is required).
  • In case of armed forces personal photocopy of release order/retirement order/pension book duly attested.
  • Original file copy of fee chalan issued by Finance Dte.



  • Renewal Membership application form duly completed in all respects will be deposited at reception counter, it will be scrutinize/checked with check list. Token will be issued for next day visit.
  • Documents will then be forwarded to membership counter for processing the case.
  • Membership counter will demand file record for counter verification.
  • Next day the member will physically visit the office alongwith original CNIC for finger print and digital photograph in the presence of concern DD.
  • In case finger prints of a member do not appear due to old age i.e 60 year plus, the approval for completion of bio metric process will be taken through min sheet from Dir T&R.
  • In case finger print of a member less then 60 years of age do not appear. He will have to get a medical certificate from a recognized skin specialist.
  • In case of any change in sign, the member is required to sign the documents in membership counter/DD membership office.
  • After completion of renewal membership formalities final receipt will be issued duly sign by the DD membership.
  • Renewal membership card will be prepared after 21 working days and issued / despatched through courier to the members.
  • At the time of despatch of membership card, the member will be informed through text massage.



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