Vigilance & Services Guidelines for Residents

Guidelines for Residents

Some significant guidelines for residents are as follows: –

  • Study and abide by DHA building Bye-laws to avoid embarrassment and financial loss.
  • Do not encroach/ construct anything outside property line.
  • Do not carry out Maintenance/ Addition/ Alterations without getting written permission from DHA Town Planning & Building Control Directorate.
  • Do not throw debris/ waste material in open plots.
  • Act promptly on receipt of Notices from DHA.
  • Water is a very precious commodity. Do not waste it.
  • Use of suction pump on main water connection is banned/ illegal.
  • Educate your servants to handover garbage bags to CBC solid waste removal contractors and use garbage points for disposal. Do not allow them to throw garbage in open.
  • Abide by traffic rules to save valuable lives.
  • Do not permit under age/ influence driving.
  • Remember, Sheesha bars are banned in DHA.
  • Keep handy firefighting equipment inside your houses/ flats.
  • Act as responsible and law abiding citizen.
  • Show respect for Law Enforcement Agencies, DHA Security & Vigilance and CBC staff.
  • Get verification of domestic maids/ servants from the concerned police station and or use “Tasdeeq” application.
  • Do not encourage beggary by giving alm in DHA areas.
  • Dewatering through drain, sewerage or in open is strictly prohibited. Please use tankers.
  • Do not use residential property for commercial activities.
  • Do not play loud music as it causes nuisance for neighbours.
  • Rent out your DHA property to persons duly verified by local police.
  • Keep an eye on surroundings and report suspicious persons/ activity to 15 Police, Local Police Station and or 1092 DHA Helpline.
  • For complaints or emergency/ firefighting, call DHA helpline 1092.