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Allied Facilities


Barber Shop

Gentleman can access our barber shop  members for personal grooming

Hair Salon

Timings 13:00 to 21:30 Hrs
Day off Monday


Bath & Massage

Sauna, Jacuzzi, Steam Bath and Massage Chairs separately for ladies and gents


Bridal Rooms

2x aesthetically decorated Bridal Rooms are available


DACC Cineplex

State of the Art Movie Theatre, which can accommodate 75 persons

Movie Days Timing Genre
Wednesday 19:30 Hrs Action/Drama/Suspense/Story/Horror
Friday 19:30 Hrs Cartoon/Animated movies for children



Creek Club is famous for horticulture. Members take saplings from our collection of seasonal plants.


The Creek Club has lavish and spacious lawns adjacent to the serene Gizri Creek. The soft breeze from the Arabian Sea makes a delightful evening for all the celebrities that arrive to join the occasion. Following Lawns are available for the members and their guests for arrangements of parties:-

Lawn Capacity (Persons)
Rockery Lawn 1000
Gizri Lawn 500
Reef Lawn 300
Tulip Lawn 600
Coral Lawn 400
Birthday Rockery Lawn 100
Birthday Snack Lawn 100
Dolphin Lawn 400



Library has more than 15000 books on a wide variety of subjects

  Morning Evening
Timings 09:30 to 21:30 Hrs
Friday timings Morning Session off 14:00 to 21:30 Hrs
Guest Membership Charges Rs: 15000/- Per Month
Member’s Guest Charges (Per)  Rs:400/- First Visit
Rs:500/- Second Visit





Reception Outside Area



TV Cum Sitting Room

Variety of channels from World over on large screen, can be watched