Facilities DHA – Tissue Culture And Research Lab

DHA – Tissue Culture And Research Lab

The Lab was inaugurated in the year 2010 by the former Comd 5 Core Lt Gen Shahid Iqbal. The idea was brought by him that a laboratory at the premises of DHA can be a hub to cutdown the heavy investment on import of elite exotic varieties of Ornamental and crop plants by employing the tissue culture technology. The lab starts functioning in 2011 after all the equipments and supplies, initially it was aimed that the ornamental plants should be tissue cultured as this was the primarily demand of the residents of DHA. In order to do so plants like Croton (Codieaum variegatum), Ixora (Ixora Coccinea), Anthurium (Anthurium andraenum) and Lily (Lilium regale) were used for tissue culturing and within a span of one year by the Grace of Almighty Allah we would be able to multiply around 7000 plantlets in the growth room and plants were now acclimatizing in the Green house for subsequent selling to the local market. In the coming year this lab will focus on the multiplication/ tissue culturing of exotic Orchid, Banana, Date Palm, Dragon Fruit and Fern.

To establish the lab with this cutting edge technology DHA has hired a Biotechnologist who has setup the lab and green house but also been able to train the staff for their need in the lab. In the coming future the lab would also being expand for the training of human resource in this facility.