Procedures & Bylaws Transfer of Plot

Transfer of Plot


Transfer of plot is refer to as Change of ownership from seller to buyer and preparation of new title document in favor of new owner. Valid membership is mandatory for both seller and buyer.

Types of Transfer

  • Transfer of Plot Normal
  • Transfer of Plot by Hiba
  • Transfer of Plot to Legal Heirs
  • Transfer of Plot Through Nazir

Instructions Slip Description Action
1 Instructions – Normal Transfer View
2 Instructions – Hiba Zabani Bila Ewaz Transfer View
3 Instructions – Legal Heirs Transfer (Citizens) View
4 Instructions – Legal Heirs Transfer (Deceased Military Persons) View
5 Instructions – Transfer through Nazir (Decree/Ex-Parte Decision) View

Transfer of Plot (Normal)

Plots of DHA are transferable. This is very crucial process and there is no space for any sort of mistake in plot transfer. Plot Transfer consists of 3 stages which are mentioned below. Below is flowchart diagram of Plot Transfer

Steps to Follow

Step – I
  • Transfer/ Hiba Case Submit at Inner Counter
  • Documents Scrutiny and Deposit Slip Issue
  • Demand Plot File and Membership File
  • Next Day
Step – II
  • DD attested on Printed biometric Authentication and Verify Through CNIC
  • DD Transfer carried out sign before/digital photo taken
  • Endorsement On Transfer Document
  • Case Hand Over to Seller for Submission of Transfer Fees/dues.
  • Documents clear stamp for inner counter and resubmit the case to outer counter
  • Outer counter will issue receipt for collection of documents
Step – III
  • Forward to Transfer Sec
  • Demand/Scrutiny Plot Files
  • Transfer Order and minute sheet prepared
  • Process of the for approval of Director
  • Updation in system by updation section
  • Filling the case and Plot file return to record
  • End
Step -IV
  • Handover/Mailing of documents

Transfer Process

Stage – I
  • Deposit of Transfer documents as per check list by applicant/represent (inner) counter.
  • Initial scrutiny of case by (inner) counter if no observation found issue Provisional deposit slip with case no and date.
  • Inner counter staff demands plot file along with membership file from record section.
  • Detailed scrutiny of the document is carried out from concerned file, if found correct then case is ready for sign before.
  • Case forwarded to DD for Transfer of plot.
Stage – II
  • On next day seller Authentication through Biometric and CNIC.
  • After proper identification of the seller through CNIC / Finger Scan / Physical Identification / Membership Card / IRIS and all other available means, the transfer will be executed before the Designated Officer.
  • Scrutiny of documents by Transfer officer and DD attested on printed biometric Authentication and verify through CNIC.
  • If more than 1 buyer is purchasing the property then consent letter signature of co sharers will be checked from membership record file.
  • Seller has to appear personally before the designated officer for “Tranfer of Plot”. 
  • Obtained 3x Signature of seller on application and verify it from membership signature form.
  • After verifying the signatures thumb impression in camera alongwith signature will be obtained
    and picture of seller will be taken and placed in concern membership/plot file for record.
  • Cancel the title document of seller from membership file, Plot record file and Owners record copy.
  • After completing the transfer formalities, concern Officer will forward the case to Finance Dte on TRMS for payment of necessary fee/charges.
  • Seller/buyer will be briefed regarding rectification of observation after that transfer documents will be handed over to the seller.
  • Seller/ buyer clear all the observations and obtained (Observation Cleared) stamp mark on the document.
  • After receiving the payment, the seller handover the document to buyer for processing of transfer formalities.
  • Buyer will submit the dues at Finance Dte, get stamped (Dues Paid) on transfer document and attach paid account statement with the transfer document.
  • After clearance of all dues and observations, Transfer Documents are resubmitted at DHA Main
    Counter. Counter clerk will receive the Transfer Documents and issue a receipt after proper checking. Purchaser is asked to collect Title Document after 15 working days (Tentatively).
  • Case Forward to Outer Counter to Transfer Sec.
Stage – III
  • On receipt of file, concerned clerk demands link files (membership file) for preparation of Transfer Order and min sheet which is then and put up to senior transfer clerk for checking and scrutiny.
  • After checking and scrutiny by senior transfer clerk, transfer case is put up to the superintendent for final checking.
  • After checking by superintendent, the case is put up to the Director through Deputy Director and Additional Director who carry out scrutiny and initial the transfer case (on minute sheet).
  • After scrutiny of the case, the Minute Sheet duly signed is forwarded to Town Planning & Building Control (TP&BC) Directorate for their necessary action. (If any)
  • After receipt of the case from TP&BC Directorate, it is forwarded to the Director (T&R) for signature on Minute Sheet and Title Document.
  • Title Document is finalized and made ready for issue/despatch.
  • For urgent transfer buyer approach to AD (T&R) for recommendation/ Approval.
  • After the approval of AD (T&R) urgent case will be processed within 5x working days with depositing of Urgent Fees
  • Case Updated on Transfer Dak Register and issue Control no. on Transfer Order.
  • Case forward to Scanning Section for Scanning.
  • Plot File Return to Record Sec.
  • Case Complete in all respect.

Transfer Fee

Description Action
Transfer Fee Structure DCK / DHA OASIS Farmhouses View

Case Timeline

Description Action
Case Timeline – Transfer View

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