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Frequently Asked Questions (Mutation - T&R (DHA))

No, except KMC Land and PQA Land.

Yes, Div/Amlg are processed after payment of urgent fees.

Yes, DHA can process Div/Amlg cases on the authority of MEO Div/Amlg letters.

Yes, if property is open or not constructed, (B/C-Lease req)

No, except open plot.

Yes, valid membership is compulsory for mutation in DHA.


Yes, on provision of authority letter duly signed by the owner in front of DHA designated Officer as per DHA specimen.

Yes, the mutation can be done, if the property is not constructed.

Present owner will also apply for mutation of all missing transactions of leased properties alongwith current mutation.

Registration/updation record of leased properties in Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC), Military Estate Office (MEO) and Defence Housing Authority (DHA) by the owner(s) in their names which are already transferred in Sub-Registrar-I, Clifton Town office on the basis of Sub-Lease, Sale/Conveyance/Gift deeds etc is called mutation of property.

For mutation of open leased plots the same procedure is followed, however No Demand Certificate (NDC) of Clifton Cantonment (CBC) is not required. In such cases DHA collects open plot transfer fee instead of normal mutation fee. Open plot certificate either by Clifton Cantonment (CBC) or DHA, TP&BC Directorate is also required.

New owner will deposit mut docus with all remaining Mut fees m/ship Fees.

Owner will apply on behalf m/ship, then apply for mutation.

Mutation is not processed on urgent basis. However, normal mutation takes at least 3 weeks subject to clearance of dues by Finance Directorate and site visit by DHA, TP&BC Directorate.

On purchase of ‘B’ / ‘C’ Leased property through a medium of Sale / Conveyance Deed etc or Sub-Lease and on endorsement by Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC) as well as Military Estate Office (MEO) Karachi.

Authorized person through consent letter.