FAQs division-tr-dha

Frequently Asked Questions (Division - T&R (DHA))

Yes, on payment of prescribed urgent fee, case can be processed.

Yes, on provision of consent letter in favour of one co-owner from all other co-owners.

Yes, valid membership is compulsory for division in DHA.

Bifurcation of one plot into 2 or more plots is called division of plots.

DHA does not hold on leased plots/properties therefore, for division of leased plots/properties owner is required to approach Military Estate Office (MEO), Karachi and get his/her plot be divided first. DHA divides the leased plots or properties on the basis of Military Estate Office (MEO) division letter.

Normal division case takes 21x working days and urgent division case takes 7x working days subject to clearance of dues by Finance Directorate, DHA and site visit by Town Planning & Building Control Directorate, DHA.

It depends on owner, DHA itself not suggest owner for division of plot.

Military Estate Office (MEO) Karachi is the competent authority in case of ‘B’ or ‘C’ leased plots/properties.